Tomorrow Now Gone; My Paradox

Tomorrow you will search for me
but I won’t be here, somewhere else I’ll be
because tonight I will leave it all behind.

I’ve intentionally forgotten all that I needed
and all that I’ve wanted; should have heeded
your heart. I won’t be here, I won’t be at home.

This road that I have chosen is my own
so it might be best to say goodbye soon
oh God I feel so hollow now so shallow.

You lived your life for me and I left you all alone.
Now I’m so lost and you are still so all alone,
it hurts to be alone now.

I’ll just head on down the road of my own sadness,
I’ve forgotten what it meant to live. Full of regrets
I just so want to be loved and wanted.

I’ve forgotten the things I’ve done and where I’ve been
and how I’d love to be able to go home again.
But the road has taken me too far away for that.

I wish someone would come to find me,
rescue and bring me back so I might see
all that was left behind; it’s too late for that now.

To follow on this journey and join me
I know would only lead to sad sad misery.
So it’s just best to say goodbye now.

© 2015 p.hill

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