Those Times We Danced

do you remember the night we danced;
the time we twirled under the moonlight?
times you held me close so that your perfume
eased its way into my nostrils…
do you remember the time that we held each under meteor showers
how the sky rained down around us as if the world were ending?
I remember that was the night we danced

do you remember the morning we woke up in each others’ arms?
how we dared not look away from each other
afraid that the image would be a dream and that we might wake
next to someone else or worse next to no one at all?
do you remember how we danced around the bed
our fingers gently touching each other in a special way
with a special purpose and intent
we fed our hunger with lust from our hearts
that morning we danced

do you remember the night we lost our way?
how we spent an endless cold night in a strange and foreign place?
that special and scary time was trying and it was true
we survived those harsh realities and persevered
do you remember how we held our hands close to one another?
afraid that if we let go, we’d be lost?
I remember it all…
that cold night we danced

through all of these years and these miles
that we have traveled together
with all the ups and the downs;
joys and the horrors that we’ve lived through
my favorite memories are of
those days and nights we danced together
with all the world watching; all eyes on you
we danced until our feet hurt; our eyes red with tears brimmed over
tears of happiness; tears of relief… we made it…

© 2013 p.hill

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