Once Upon a Time when I was Haunted

There once was a time, not so long ago
When I was haunted by the spirit of a pretty little thing
She used to creep into my mind
When I wasn’t looking
She would steal visions from my eyes
Replacing them with the memories of days long gone;
Times long dead

But then once upon a time when I was haunted
This pretty little thing
She left me one day
I watched her walk out of the door,
Out of my life
In that instant I hated her the most
Because she had taken all those little memories
That I used to hold so dear

Once upon a time when I was haunted
I was filled with the rage and sadness
From innumerable terrible events
From the time that I can remember being able to remember
I attended the funerals for the things that I held most dear
Slowly letting the dirt of life slip through my fingers
Gently cascading down to soft little piles spilling over
The sides of those golden coffins

Once upon a time when I was haunted
I watched this pretty little thing
Keep me company in the darkest hours of my days
Keep my sanity to a level that was unreachable on my own
This little ghost of a thing kept me intravenously fed
Bleeding herself off, so that I could be nourished
And when she was bled completely dry
This little ghost that used to haunt me
She walked away, into the dark of the cold night

Once upon a time I was haunted
And while I hated that the torment was of my own creation
Sometimes I miss the fact that a little spirit would come visit me
Sometimes I miss the fact that there was a little spirit at all
Sometimes I miss being haunted…

© 2013 p.hill

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