Once Upon a Time when I was Haunted

There once was a time, not so long ago
When I was haunted by the spirit of a pretty little thing
She used to creep into my mind
When I wasn’t looking
She would steal visions from my eyes
Replacing them with the memories of days long gone;
Times long dead

But then once upon a time when I was haunted
This pretty little thing
She left me one day
I watched her walk out of the door,
Out of my life
In that instant I hated her the most
Because she had taken all those little memories
That I used to hold so dear

Once upon a time when I was haunted
I was filled with the rage and sadness
From innumerable terrible events
From the time that I can remember being able to remember
I attended the funerals for the things that I held most dear
Slowly letting the dirt of life slip through my fingers
Gently cascading down to soft little piles spilling over
The sides of those golden coffins

Once upon a time when I was haunted
I watched this pretty little thing
Keep me company in the darkest hours of my days
Keep my sanity to a level that was unreachable on my own
This little ghost of a thing kept me intravenously fed
Bleeding herself off, so that I could be nourished
And when she was bled completely dry
This little ghost that used to haunt me
She walked away, into the dark of the cold night

Once upon a time I was haunted
And while I hated that the torment was of my own creation
Sometimes I miss the fact that a little spirit would come visit me
Sometimes I miss the fact that there was a little spirit at all
Sometimes I miss being haunted…

© 2013 p.hill

Published by Patrik Hill

Patrik Hill is the author of Downtown Noir, as well as the essay and poetry collection entitled The Five Aces of Israel: reshuffled. A self-described adventure geek, he has traveled all over North America, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands, exploring mountain trails, back country lakes, jungle canopies, and ocean reefs. A certified SCUBA diver Patrik is as at home on land as he is beneath the water. Patrik often uses these experiences and people he meets to mold and shape the characters of his books. Patrik has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Montana State University emphasizing on Criminal Justice. He has worked as a draftsman, a restaurant manager, and a healthcare professional. Patrik currently lives in Bozeman, Montana, with his family, and is working on his next novels, Thru the Glass Darkly: Retribution, and Detective Stories After Dark. Starting as early as the age of eight years old, Patrik has been writing short stories and producing fiction in various lengths. Stories of mad scientists and mechanized robots led to narratives experienced throughout teen years and early adulthood. While in college at Bismarck State College, studying journalism, Patrik realized that corporate writing just wasn't his cup of tea, and while the experiences at BSC proved to be invaluable, serving to provided a foundation on which his current writing is based. He left BSC in 1999.

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