Kites In a Cemetery

recall with such vivid memory
      burst into tears!
no less appropriate
than flying kites in a cemetery
waterfalls of tears drown down
echoes of the woman; gone
precious images from derelict hotels
shadowy clips in clouded past
I wish you could see me now
but you don’t see me anymore
you see no one at all
subtle pulse of my heartbeat
backbeat, soundtrack to my pain
your sound has gone dark
rhythmic scratching of a needle
on record’s side done
if I could say one thing, anything
just now I would say I am
when we said goodbye
on steps of the church so cold
in the warm spring sun
it wasn’t supposed to be forever
forever goes by too fast to count
what happened to our innocent
lying under pool tables, kissing to
the sounds of Spacehog…
we didn’t just grow apart but
     fell apart
torn apart ripped apart thrown
to the four winds of future and
the noose fell tight and choked
the light out of our naivety
strangled by the weight on the
simple third left that left us with
even now we pass in politeness
but never more do we speak
of the fateful nights when
passion ran free and so did our
inexperienced hands and tongues
salt stains the face now, still now
why now? why not go and leave
the happy memories of youth?
we erected those markers of youth
and bowed before them and lived
in the happiness of impropriety
just like kites flying in a cemetery

© 2013 p.hill

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