Nightmares in Color

Chemically balanced hallucinations     brought to life by memories no longer buried,     past visions of what were sins     embedded in the psyche; married As it were. Bound in form and shape      as ethereal portraits, tattered canvases     strung end to end. Macabre film tape     overexposed to garish glass Statuettes of disillusionment. Memory spark      gives light to dim […]

Kites In a Cemetery

recall with such vivid memory      burst into tears!no less appropriatethan flying kites in a cemeterywaterfalls of tears drown downechoes of the woman; goneprecious images from derelict hotelsshadowy clips in clouded pastI wish you could see me nowbut you don’t see me anymoreyou see no one at allsubtle pulse of my heartbeat     rhythmbackbeat, soundtrack to my […]