A Father’s Wish – Verse #3

Oh my child, the sun’s rays brightly shone down on you
its shadow marking green grass where you stood and grew.

A path of brilliance punctuated by dark and cloudy days
reminding you that you should never be set in your ways.

Oh my child, the stars fell to earth watching over you
on countless nights lighting your room in electric hue.

Giving you comfort in those times when I couldn’t be near
working too long, too hard, so you would never have to fear.

Oh my child, I prayed that I could give you that life
you so richly deserved, devoid of torment or strife.

A life that you could enjoy; be free to be an original child
knowing that you could on summer’s long days run wild.

Oh my child, I ask you now, as your father, did I succeed?
Did I give you a life, such that you’d never have to want or need?

I gave it everything that I could, I know I was often misunderstood.
at times probably a loud embarrassment in the neighborhood.

Oh my child, one last time, for always know this, I beg of you please
whenever you falter, whenever you stumble, cry or so much as sneeze

I will be there to hold you tight, to catch you, to be the barrier against
evils of the world that would try and cause you to in any way resent

     the choices you have made, for good or for ill,
        because you will always be
     the most perfect specimen in all the world, most especially to me.

© 2015 p.hill

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