A Father’s Wish – Verse #2

Oh my little child, what changes will you see?
So unaware of the world now that is now to be

your new home so far away from my heart,
now that we have grown up and grown apart.

Oh my little child, were you ever aware
of the gaze of the world’s persistent stare?

To look upon a child so meek and so mild
discouraged to ever let you once run wild.

Oh my child, what will this new found freedom show
to your young mind so inquisitive, so eager to know

those secrets of the universe, waiting to be unlocked.
I pray for you, that you’ll never once be blocked
     in your quest to find who you really are .

Oh my child, I pray so heartily that you are never far
in spirit from the loving arms where you now are.

With a world now at your fingers, so easy to touch
you’ll never be who you were, at least, not so much.

Oh my child, once again, above all I pray that will you forever know this;
I’ll always be there, in spirit or flesh, to give you one last goodnight kiss.

Forever will you stay here, tucked in my arms,
Never, ever, will you have to fear for safety or harm.

© 2014 p.hill

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